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SOVECHERA FOLKLORE ENSEMBLE: top-class professional artistes, winners of instrumental musical, vocal and dance international contests and festivals. 

The word “Sovechera” is derived from the Old Russian word “vecher” which meant “yesterday evening.” SOVECHERA  (literally ‘since yesterday evening’) means the highlight of a yesterday evening’s festive occasion that leaves an indelible mark in your heart. 

 Our Russian folk ensemble regularly appears at leading concert venues in Moscow, on central TV channels, at international fora, art biennials and at private events in Russia and abroad.

Planning to invite musicians to your festive occasion? Sovechera ensemble is your best choice!

We really know how to delight and surprise even the most sophisticated audience.

The Sovechera Russian folklore ensemble will introduce you to the world of folk songs ranging from heart-stirring lyricism to irrepressible merriment. With us you will be immersed in the rollicking atmosphere of intrepid Cossacks with their stunts, swords, whips and demonstration fights.

If you want to enjoy the many-voiced singing of a Cossack choir, a Russian folk choir or to hear the fabulous voice of a solo singer –tenor, baritone or bass – Sovechera folklore ensemble is just the ticket for you because the vocal group boasts internationally recognized Russian folk solo singers.

The Sovechera folk ensemble performs Russian, Ukrainian, Cossack folk songs, popular film music, old hits and songs of the Second World War.

If you wish, Sovechera, thanks to modern musical arrangements of our own authorship, can turn your dancing floor into a veritable feast. The sound it lends to the Russian folk songs can fire up any modern youth gathering.

Dazzling female vocalists and solo singers with unforgettable voices, virtuoso musicians, dancers with their fiery dances and acrobatic stunts, original contests, interactive games and flash mobs with the guests, emotional highs and the atmosphere of general merry-making – all this is Sovechera.





Пригласить фольклорный русский народный ансамбль на праздник прямо сейчас!


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russian folk ensemble "sovechera"

Russian folk music ensemble and kossacks choir